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Air Cargo and Air Freight Services

Middle East Shipping air freight all over the world.  We ship cargo by air such as pallets, skidded cargo and crates. We contact the passenger airlines and air cargo airlines to negotiate rates.  Additionally, we work with the air carriers to ensure the cargo’s prompt and reliable delivery.

We air freight palletized cargo globally. We air freight larger pieces of skidded or crated cargo. And we air freight oversized air cargo all over the world by air charter. We work on very tight schedules with an eye to cost efficiency to make sure your cargo is air freighted to the destination as fast and as cheaply as possible. The only limitation for us is whether the cargo fits onto the airplane’s deck and if there is a plane ready to take the air freight.

So if you want to air freight from China to the USA, contact us. If you need an air freight specialist, contact us.  If you need air freight to Brazil for oil and gas equipment, call us.