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We are located in Houston with easy access to the Port of Houston and to the Port of Galveston. The Port of Houston is about 25 miles long, so it is able to handle most project cargo. It has a number of terminals for container shipping. In terms of tonnage, the Port of Houston has more ocean freight pass through it than any other US port.

  • Break Bulk
  • Vessel charter
  • Container Shipping
  • Roll on / Roll-Off ocean vessels
  • Truck Freight
  • Export Packing

There are unlimited excuses in ocean freight shipping as to why things go wrong. But if you have bad things happening again and again, it may be that your freight forwarder is more interested in billing for ocean freight than in knowing how to do ocean freight.

To help you negotiate the best ocean freight rates with the steamship lines and to help you negotiate the arcane and vague standards of the ports, contact Middle East Shipping. Be sure of your freight by being sure of your freight forwarder.

However, Middle East Shipping can ship from any port in the US.  We are licensed to operate nationwide. Our shipments transit through Newark, Baltimore, Savannah, Jacksonville, Mobile, New Orleans, Long Beach and Seattle. We have a network of contacts at all US ports who enable us to ship smoothly and seamlessly from any state in the US via any port in the US.  This is no mean skill.

Each port has its own way of doing things. Some are more stringent on air quality standards, others demand certain points of data in order for their shipments. Most freight companies promise they can do this, but very few are knowledgeable enough to do it well.